Why would you want to come to therapy?
Whether you are wanting to enrich the quality of your marriage, or are trying to deal with the devastation of infidelity, you can make changes to improve the health of your  marriage.  While it's helpful to have both partners involved to make changes, you have the ability to positively affect your relationships by developing your own skills and awareness.   If your partner is willing to join you... even better!

All of us have a history.
  But for some, that history really affects the choices we make today. For some, that history includes abuse (physical, mental or sexual).  For others, there may have been losses, mistakes in judgment, or ways of experiencing and interpreting life that color the way you look at things now.   If you're wanting to shift to a healthier way of living as you move forward, we  can work on it together.

Life may have thrown you a curve, and you need to make some decisions!  It's helpful to make those decisions with an eye to what is healthiest: body, mind and spirit.  It is immensely helpful to get guidance from a trained and neutral adviser. 

Live your life
being intentional, without regrets.
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