What to Expect

in therapy

My Therapy Style

It’s my job to help you see the things you do well and to use those strengths to improve on those things that aren’t working. 

This will include some or all of the following:

  • Teaching you ways to improve your communication that respects both you and others
  • Identify ways to change your behaviors (even little ones can create a dramatic shift)
  • Help you "Connect the dots" to gain insight and make different choices
  • Find new ways to look at things (perspective makes a big difference)
  • Recommend reading materials
  • Encourage the development of healthy support systems (many people are way too isolated and lack the "community" that brings a wealth of resources for coping)

My style is conversational.  You will get feedback from me.  You can make changes to your relationship whether your partner is willing to participate or not.

For those who are looking for integration of their Christian faith into the therapy, I'm happy to include a faith based perspective to our time. I respect other belief systems and will encourage you to utilize the resources you find in yours.

Intake Form

Please fill this form out and bring it with you to your first appointment. If you don't have access to a printer, I will have a form available in my waiting room.  Come a few minutes early to your appointment to fill it out so it doesn't take our therapeutic time together.

Release of Information

Your privacy is protected by law.  If you want me to exchange information with anyone you must fill out this form to legally authorize it's release.  There are some exceptions. In certain cases, I may be required to report Child Abuse, Elder or Dependent Abuse, when there is a threat of harm to yourself or to someone else, or if your records are subpoenaed by law.  In all other circumstances there must be a signed release.